00:05 Announcement

I made an announcement at work at 5 minutes after midnight...it was a wee bit snarky. Okay, it was bordering on highly insulting. Oddly, I felt no shame.

Better still, I'm actually sort of proud of myself.

Not because of the comment, but rather, because of what I've accomplished, because I allow myself to dream, because I will always try to better myself or my circumstances (even if I'm a little slow to get the ball rolling.)

The realization that life offers you as much as you are willing to put forth some effort shouldn't be some great mystery to us. It should be something that you wake up to each day. Looking forward instead of backward. Taking pride in who you are and what you can do/be if you are willing to work hard enough.

What I said, exactly, isn't the point. The point was that you should never give up. You should never stop dreaming or trying.

He who will not save himself likely won't bother saving you either.

Life's too short to throw it away on "paybacks." Especially those where you hurt yourself the most.

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