The Bachelorette is back


I mean, why should we watch a show about a bunch of pumped up posers vying for the attention of some bubble-headed bimbo? It's not real. It's about as real as Lindsay Lohan's breasts. It's meaningless drivel, just like anything that spills forth from Anna Nicole's monstrous red mouth.

If ABC wanted quality entertainment, with deep, insightful content, they'd air a show called The Bloggerette. They sure as hell missed that boat - it's mine, all mine.

And now, you, the intelligent, thoughtful, funny, and oh-so-wonderful bloggers can get in on the action.

Here's the deal:

25 bloggers will vie for The Final Link.

To participate, you will need to dedicate a post a week to me, The Bloggerette. Your entry for the week should elicit laughter, tears, and/or serious thought from me and the judges.

Judges? Yes. Together, we will vote on each submission. Based on our decisions, we will select the best entries to continue on to the next round. Winners will be announced in a Link Ceremony.

FAQs (Fake Assumed Questions, in this case):

You do NOT need to be a single male to play. This is open to the first 25 bloggers to respond to the offer.

One post a week is all it takes. You link to a Bloggerette post to signal that your entry's ready and we all flock to read it.

Bribes to sway my vote are expected welcome. Same goes for the judges.

The judges and I will discuss the various entries. A list of those selected to continue on to the next round will be announced in a post on this site, with encouragement for readers to check out the entries that won my heart/attention.

If, for any reason, it is impossible for you to continue on with the game, let me know as soon as possible. I will wait until the Link Ceremony to remove your name from the running.

Remember the bribe thing. It'll work wonders!

This is going to be way more fun than watching plastic people on tv attempting to impress each other. The Bloggerette is about REAL people competing for fake awards and recognition.

ABC might have passed on the opportunity to play a silly attention-getting game with truly interesting people.....but the important question is, will you?

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