It's All About Spreading the Looooove

Okay, I'm absolutely, positively sick.

When I go to work, I carry a backpack in with me. I take all my reference books, my stethoscope, water, all sorts of things to get me through a long shift. Included - always - I have at least one Bonamassa CD. Always. I just can't help it. Doesn't matter that I can't listen at work, I still carry music with me.

About a month ago, I loaned two CDs to another nurse and she came back raving about Joe (she normally only listens to country.) Then, last week, I loaned the same two CDs to another nurse. He's still listening and won't part with them just yet. I totally understand that feeling.

This morning, as I was getting ready to leave work, I had to stop by the Big Boss' office for a question about my timecard. She opened the door and as we were talking, I heard some classic 70's rock coming from her little stereo. I casually mentioned, "if you like that, I bet you'd like this band...."

Twenty minutes later, I left her office, cursing the fact that my CDs were loaned out and that she'd have to wait until tomorrow to hear any Bonamassa. The funny thing was, I mentioned HTCT and what did she do? She pulled out a Blind Faith CD....first song on it? Yep. Seems Blind Faith is one of her faves. Now I just HAVE to get her a copy of HTCT so that she can see that it rocks the way Joe and the guys play it.

You know, people always wonder what it is that I'm trying so hard to sell them on when I talk about the band. Well, until they hear for themselves. Then they get it. I don't really feel like I'm "selling" the band as much as I feel like I'm introducing friends.

No matter. I feel good doing it and people ALWAYS thank me for turning them on to a fantastic band. As one special someone once said, "there are two things you don't normally get to see and I saw them both in one night. One: Lesbians dirty dancing in broken glass. Two: True musicianship." How's that for a recommendation? (Yes, Bonamassa got lesbians to dirty dance)

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