Let's Everybody Do The Lumbago!

I haven't forgotten you. Really. I promise. But, the Bloggerette is going to have to go back on the shelf...unless someone else would like to step in and take over.

You see, I've been laboring under the impression that my injury would heal quickly. It hasn't.

I was injured the other night as I was attempting to help a patient. To be quite honest, I thought nothing of it when it first happened. I figured a hot shower, some Tylenol, and a little sleep would be all I needed. I was wrong. Very, very wrong.

After spending the day with doctors and nurse practitioners, I am under orders to do as little as possible. Normally, this would be a welcome thing. Now, I'm left with a lot of time on my hands and the complete and utter inability to do any of the fabulous, fun things I'd like to do with spare moments. I can do nothing. NOTHING. Apparently, even blinking is too strenuous an activity for me. This does not bode well for a busy mom/nurse/blogger/protest warrior/etc. I'm on a full week of bedrest.

I apologize to all who wanted to play Bloggerette. I wanted to play as much as you did. Unfortunately, spending five minutes at the computer is more than I can take at the moment. This post, in fact, has taken the better part of two days to construct. I'd never be able to read all your entries in a timely manner. So, please...accept my regrets. Maybe next time.

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