The Bloggerette - Rules

(Sorry for the delay...I was busy breaking things!)

Okay, so you want to play the Bloggerette. You're wondering what the rules are. Wonder no more!

First up, the "date" - each entry dedicated to the Bloggerette is considered a date. Entries are due each Tuesday. A trackback to the corresponding Bloggerette entry here for the week must be made. That means that the first entry for Bloggerette you post is considered part of a group date. All other posts dedicated to that same entry will be considered as individual dates. These should be trackbacked as well so that the judges, the readers, and I will be able to read your entry and take them into consideration before the Ceremony.

Your entries should funny, flirty, touching, inspirational, and/or thought-provoking. Your entry should reveal something about how you think or should showcase your abilities as a writer. Hopefully, a post will do both. You want to give the judges, the readers, and myself something that will draw us back again and again. This is your time to shine! (You're judged on creativity, originality, and any bribes you might send our way.)

On Wednesday evenings, west coast - natch, a list of the entrants will be posted, along with our choices for those who will move on to the next round. Each week, we will eliminate 5 from the group...until we are down to the remaining 5. After that, we will eliminate individually and things will progress a bit faster (we're not dragging this out for all eternity...we'll be timely.)

The winner will receive a Golden Link that will remain on my site (and hopefully the other judges') for 3 months. And, the winner is welcome to choose a photograph from my collection. Not really anything to write home about, but it's the game and not the prize that matters.

This game is open to men and women, single, dating, married, or otherwise. It's all about having fun and getting to know other bloggers (and readers!)

Please leave any questions or comments here on this post.

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